Amarula: Creating Sustained Purposeful Engagement

Amarula is Africa’s most awarded cream liqueur made from fruit from the Marula tree growing across Africa’s subequatorial plains.  Once the Marula fruit is perfectly sun-ripened, elephants travel great distances to taste the fruit, giving the cue for harvest.  The fruit is hand-gathered, where after fermentation and distillation takes place.  After two years of maturation in French oak barrels, diary cream is added to give rich and velvety texture to the final product, a legendry representation of Africa.

The Global General Manager of Amarula, Dino D’Araujo, describes the product as: “Amarula is authentic and homegrown: it is Africa in a bottle.  It celebrates the beauty, romance, the natural and the cultural richness of Africa and its people.”

Made from Africa

The slogan “Made from Africa” has a deep rooted meaning – it is from the place, the people, the earth and the natural elements of Africa.  Dino elaborates: “The Marula fruit comes from trees that are grown in the wild – these trees can’t be cultivated.  In order to collect the fruit for harvest, the Amarula team meets with the chiefs and the local community to negotiate trade.  The fruit is bought directly from the local community; it presents a symbiotic relationship.  The tassels around the neck of the bottle are made by African women as part of a community project.  It is the purest of stories – it includes not only the physical elements, but the spiritual elements of Africa.”

Name Them, Save Them campaign

The elephant is not just a pretty symbol for Amarula.  Amarula is actively campaigning for the conservation of the African elephant.  Amongst various initiatives Amarula has partnered with CEO of WildlifeDirect, Dr Paul Kahumbu, to launch the “Name Them, Save Them” campaign in 2016.  The overwhelming reality is that one elephant is lost every 15 minutes due to poaching, leaving less than 400 000 African elephants roaming the wild.

The first phase of the campaign included conservation through education and awareness.  The second phase includes a digital campaign where Amarula’s online audience can design and name a digital elephant in the digital African Savannah.  Amarula donates $1.00 to WildlifeDirect for each digital elephant created.  Furthermore, 400 000 individualized Amarula bottles were created, featuring the consumer designs and names, one for each of the remaining African elephants.

The “Name Them, Save Them” campaign emphasizes Amarula’s close connection and commitment to Africa.

Creating Sustained Purposeful Engagement

Amarula is an inspiring example of how to involve various stakeholders across the value chain to create value for, not only the organization but for the community and environment. The interactive campaign to present consumers with an opportunity to engage and make a difference, while still enjoying a product that they love, is innovative and illustrates the philosophy of “Purpose with Profit”!

Get Involved

Follow the link to visit the African savannah to Name and Save your elephant:









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Nadia Hefer

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