Lessons from a Hummingbird

Purpose with profit relies above all on billions of individual behaviours. Countries, institutions, non-governmental organizations set regular milestones to define and update common targets (e.g. UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 21) through negotiations and discussions, fighting against resistances, hardly combining so many different interests and realities. Our planet is like a common property, where circa 400 companies holding 70% of the created value in each commodity, really manage the power of change. Indeed, our global capitalist world hosting these companies is based on a quite simple ratio, a balance between supply and demand; a free-exchange world, still controlled by laws and regulations, but which existence is justified by a choice left to any individual through his consumption behaviour.  Would a product or company not being attractive for any reason, wouldn’t it quickly disappear? Probably! Then it’s a matter of defining what is attractiveness about, to understand which criteria are guiding our behaviour.

Necessity for Transparency

The proper individual behaviour is heavily dependent on a true awareness, only made possible provided transparency and availability of the information related to how a whole product life cycle will impact our planet, in other words to the size of its footprint. And that’s where a proper regulation is still necessary to guarantee this absolute transparency we need as individuals.

Behaviour as a Commitment

Behaviour is of course not only a matter of purchasing green goods. A responsible behaviour is guided by a true conscious of sharing a common space with several generations, current and future. A matter of wondering about the impact of any of our actions and decisions, not only with the fundamentals such as waste and energy management, but also as an actor, a stakeholder with rights and duties.

Lessons from a Brave Hummingbird

And then, we wonder, OK, I’m such a so little part of this world, how would I really make a difference through actions and efforts I think I could undertake?

You may have heard already about the legend of the hummingbird. But maybe not? Let’s recall this nice tale.

One day, a big fire starts in a wild forest.  Animals are scared and feel unpowered while facing a battle they already consider as lost. Some remain stuck in front of the danger, some escape, none of them feel useful to fight. Then comes a brave hummingbird. He picks few drops of fresh water in the river, and let them fall on the fire. All the other animals around just wonder why this small bird is doing such a useless act! “I’m doing my bit”, proudly states the hummingbird.

Us together, let’s do our bit. Let’s be aware and critical about what’s happening, and what we do as an individual. We wish this blog will do its bit….


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